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Notice: Loading time vary, depending on your inter-net service. Dial up service 40 seconds to over a minute.  These tracts are printed in PDF. You need Adobe Reader to print these tracts. If you don’t already have Adobe Reader, You can download Adobe Reader online For Free.

Printing Instructions For Swahili Tracts.

Load tracts wanted on monitor (screen). Then click File, then, click print. When print window opens, set both numbers in box marked pages or pages from, on (1), click OK. Printer will print page one. Remove printed page from printer. Turn it over and insert printed page into printer, making sure top of page inters printer first. Repeat print instructions above except, set both numbers in print window box on (2) and click OK. Printer will print page two.

Cut Out Instructions For Small Swahili Tracts, Six Per Page.

To cut out small tracts, Cut off surplus paper just above skip lines at bottom of page two. (Cut as close to top of lines as possible). Then, cut down center of page (in gutter). Then stack both pieces. Making sure both pieces are turned same direction to match. Then cut completely across page in each of the two gutters on the pale skip lines. Fold each tract once. You now have (6) tracts.

Cut Out Instructions for Medium Size Swahili Tract, Two Per Page:

Cut off surplus paper at bottom of page two, just above the skip lines (cut as close to top of lines as possible). Then cut off surplus paper on left side of page, leaving a border to match border already on right side of page. Then, cut across center of page (in gutter) directly on the pale skip lines. Fold each once. You now have two tracts.


Our Swahili tract menu list is next. Please follow instructions to print.

Left click on the blue portion section of tracts you want below. Then wait for page to open.

01 Set”…..2 medium Swahili Tracts.

Depart from me ye cursed, into everlasting fire.

02 Set”….. 6 Small Swahili Tracts

Find Peace Forever

03 Set”….. 6 Small Swahili Tracts

For The Son of Man is come To Save That Which Was Lost

04 Set”….. 6 Small Swahili Tracts

And Whosoever Was Not Found Written In The Book Of Life

05 Set”….. 6 small Swahili Tracts

He That Believeth And Is Baptized Shall Be Saved